Call of 1st International Digital Art Prize 2002 Foundation Fita

Digital art includes all the disciplines of the art: drawing, sculpture, photography, cinema, music, … Complemented with interactivity with the own spectator to be involved in a deeper way in the work.

One of the aims of Foundation Fita is to promote art and young artists. For that reason, Foundation Fita summons the 1st. International Prize of Digital Art 2002 Fita Foundation, opened to all international artists with the aim of encouraging artists, promote their works and the research in this new media.

The current convocation deals with THE HUMAN FACE. The best work will be awarded 5.000 euros and it will be showed through INTERNET. So all works must be created in a format (html, swf, dcr, …) ensuring its possible visualization on the Net. Works will be

accepted until the 30th of September 2002 and they must be sent to Fita Foundation, Francesc Macià Street – 17007 Girona – Catalonia(Spain) as it is said in the basis.



  1. The FIRST INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL ART PRIZE 2002 FOUNDATION FITA is open to all national and international artists who can apply with an individual work or a teamwork.
  2. This prize is only for digital art, in CD-Rom support, to be viewable over the internet. With all the possibilities and restrictions of the Net.
  3. Works must be previously unknown and not awarded, and can’t have won any prize before.
  4. The topic is the HUMAN FACE.
  5. Prize:

INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL ART PRIZE 2002 FOUNDATION FITA, is provided with 5.000 euros for the best work.

  1. Judges could declare the prize desert. Judges are allowed to give exaequo prize to two works in case they considered it.
  2. Works must have a size from 2 Megabytes to 50 Megabytes. Format must be 1024 x 768 pixels.
  3. Works must be send in a CD-ROM PC format. It must be accompanied with a short memory explaining the creation process and technic information.
  4. Works must be send to Foundation Fita: 7, Francesc Macià street, 17007 Girona. Must be clearly written on the envelope INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL ART PRIZE 2002 FOUNDATION FITA.
  5. Works admission will end on the 30th of Sptember 2002 at 12 pm.
  6. Members of the jury will be chosen by Foundation Fita and all of them will be technically and artistically important. Its membership will be made public after the verdict. Their decisions will be definitive and judges will be able to solve any problem of rules misunderstanding or any problem not foreseen.
  7. Judges will study all works entered and will make his verdict public the first week of November 2002, making a declaration on the artist and work prized. Result will be exhibit to public on the website of Foundation Fita.
  8. All works prized will become property of Foundation Fita, and it will own its divulgation and difusion rights.
  9. Works not prized will be returned to their authors, only if required previously by form addressed to Foundation Fita, before december, 31st 2002.
  10. Once a work has entered for the prize, it will be impossible to withdraw it. Entering for this prize means the acceptance of the rules and the verdict of the jury.


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